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Welcome to Boo Boo's BoneYard!

"Pack life is simple in the BoneYard."

What is Boo Boo's BoneYard?

Boo Boo's BoneYard isn't your regular dog care service provider. We focus more on the temperament and behavioral aspects of each dog to ensure they are balanced to create a calm-submissive pack mentality, which is safest and most instinctual for your beloved canine companion.

With a human "Pack-Leader" in control, your pooch can have the best time socializing without stress and inappropriate behavior, so when he/she comes home from Boo Boo's BoneYard you have well-mannered dog.

With more attention dedicated to this area for the dogs they feel more secure knowing the "Pack-Leader" is in control, therefore can relax more naturally and not feel too far away from home while still getting all the love they deserve!